Truth Needs to Be a Piece That Fits

Truth is like a jigsaw puzzle and each individual truth needs to be a piece that fits the moment it is presented in.  Here are a few key points in regard to truth that fits:

  • Each individual truth is unique in its place and application just as each puzzle piece has its own unique shape.  Because a puzzle piece has its own unique shape, it has its own unique place in the overall picture of truth.
  • Which brings us to the next point that each individual truth contributes to the overall value of the big picture.  We see this happen in so many disciplines of study like the sciences, history, art, and music and so on. 
  • Finally, each individual truth helps to create a full picture of truth and a complete understanding. Again, we have witnessed this happen in many disciplines of study. Mysteries dissolve into understanding when we patiently wait for a complete understanding of a matter. Assumptions can also be transformed into questions or false facts that are exposed when the full story is revealed.

Personal Examples of “Truth Not Fitting”

  • A coworker of mine informed our manager he was planning on quitting his job to “rescue” an ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend from an impending financial crisis by taking out money from his 401k early. The truth he cited to support his actions was, “You won’t know unless you try!”  To someone who is not emotionally invested in this situation, it appeared to me that this was a truth that did not fit the situation.  It was rather a way to justify an action that was motivated by a last ditched hope for long lost love. There’s also another saying that fits this situation a little better: “love is blind.”
  • A friend of mine called me multiple times demanding that I help him move and find a place to live. The truth that seemed to support his many demands was, ” A true friend will help you during difficult times.” What he didn’t tell me was that some of his previous actions and decisions contributed to his present situation. He blamed everyone but himself for the difficulty he was now facing. Helping someone who does not take responsibility for their actions almost always results in enabling them to continue to not take responsibility.

Personal Examples of “Truth Fitting”

  • A casual friend of mine unexpectedly took her life. She was an individual our circle of friends was acquainted with through a couple of fun social activities. She left behind multiple children who now have no living parents. I sent a group email out to all who were acquainted with her sympathizing with our loss and emphasizing the need for timely and relevant openness in friendships as well as thoughtfulness and developed trust.
  • I participate in multiple community groups. In a couple of these groups, certain members were critical of other members without knowing reasons and causes of their responses and behaviors. In one particular group, the truth that “spectators are always the harshest critics” was emphasized and repeatedly communicated by facilitators.


Truth is like a jigsaw puzzle with each individual piece fitting in a unique place. Truth that is relevant has its own unique place and application, contributes its own unique value to the overall picture of truth, and helps to create a full picture of truth.

Your Application

Do you see how each individual truth fits in its own situational contexts and how it contributes to the overall picture? Can you think of your own personal examples from your experience of how truth needs to be a piece that fits.

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