Suggestions on Making Your Yearly Physical and Blood Work the Most Beneficial

Recently, I got my annual physical and blood work done and after thinking about the past couple of years, I came up with a few potential helpful suggestions on making your yearly physical and blood work the most beneficial:

  • Make sure you are specific and clear about what blood panels you want looked at. I’ve had some nurses forget which panels I want to be done or not pass on communication to other nurses. Also, if you have a specific cancer history in your family, you may want a specific panel done that is not normally done. Sometimes I need to repeat this every year for nurses to remember.

  • Understand blood panels like LDL, HDL, lipids, cholesterol, etc. are only basic panels that need to be done. In addition to basic panels, specialized panels, and a physical, I also suggest using the services of organizations that do sonograms, for example. A sonogram can detect blockages or plaque buildup in your arteries among other things.
  • Sometimes having different doctors do your physical and administrate your blood panels may be beneficial in order to get different perspectives or feedback. Some of my doctors chose to look at panels others did not. Some doctors did certain tests during my physical that others did not. The different approaches and feedback are more likely to help in building a more comprehensive check which I think is better to have when dealing with personal health.
  • Remember to prepare the day before by fasting for 10 to 12 hours. Although this may seem basic, it is also very important. Over the years, I’ve had some nurses remind me beforehand and others not say anything at all. 

Putting It In the Big Picture

Although again it may seem basic, but again important. If you are responsible for your diet throughout the rest of the year, you will have nothing to worry about later. Annual blood panels and physicals help us check to be sure we are on the right track with our health habits and, along with that, help with early detection of any developing health issues. 

Summing It Up

There are a few suggestions that you could use in order to make your yearly physical and blood panels the most beneficial. First, be specific about what panels you want to be done, consider using different doctors at times to administrate your physical and blood panels, prepare ahead by fasting 10 to 12 hours, realize blood panels and physical are just basic tests and be responsible with your diet throughout the year.

Your Application

What suggestions on Making Your Yearly Physical and Blood Work the Most Beneficial do you need to work on?

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