The Path that Lead from Appreciation to Achievement


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The celebration of the holiday of Thanksgiving in the United States caused me to think about the path that leads from appreciation to achievement.  Many times in our lives we get stuck in our journey to reaching our goals and dreams.  The way to get “unstuck” and remotivated is to start with an appreciation of our blessings and continue down the same path until we reach the achievement phase of our lives.

The Five “A’s” of Getting Unstuck

Getting back to journeying toward your dreams starts with appreciation which leads into awareness.  Awareness opens us up to answers and answers need to be acted upon. With time and the process of planning, acting, checking, and adjusting we can achieve our goals and dreams. 

The Value of Appreciation

Appreciation gives us a foundation to start from and build on. We can only start where we are at and with what we have already. We can also end suffering by choosing what we focus on and how we interpret what happens to us. We need to be realistic and recognize that everyone goes through pain in their lives, but suffering can be ended by changing our perspective and focus. 

Awareness Creates an Awakening

  • Appreciation helps us to awaken to our pain, acknowledge it, embrace it, experience it, and let it go. 
  • Awareness helps us reclaim our personal power to chose what we focus on and the resulting state we live in. 
  • Appreciation practiced daily helps us look for positive outcomes and possibilities.
  • Faith in ourselves, our calling, God, and other historically faithful friends/family help us to discover the lessons behind our circumstances and solutions to seemingly “irresolvable problems.”

Answers Resulting from Solutions Compel Us to Take Action

Solutions point to the path of achievement over time and massive action is a natural result of the answers we discover. As we plan, act, check, and adjust over time, we eventually can achieve our goals and dreams. 

One Specific Application

I’m very thankful for the work and the income resulting from it.  Recently though, I became aware though of some facts in my personal life that needed attention. I wanted to live the life of my dreams and doing JUST what I’m doing now would not get me to that point. One of the answers I discovered is working as an affiliate marketer for The Six Figure Mentors to create an online business that could allow me to have those opportunities.  To take a look at this opportunity, check out this link:

Bringing It All Together

When getting stuck on our journey toward our goals and dreams, we need to start with appreciation. Appreciation leads to awareness of pain, potential, and solutions for challenges.  Awareness helps us discover answers and answers lead us to massive action.  Massive action evaluated and improved upon over time can lead to achievement.

General Questions for Application

Do you feel stuck on your journey toward your goals and dreams?  Do you count your blessings daily?  Have you awakened to your pain, acknowledged it, embraced it, experienced it, and let it go? Have you awakened to potential, possibilities, and answers before you? Have you taken massive action and adjusted over time?  Where are you on the path that leads from appreciation to achievement?

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