Welcome to my personal website. Here are a few things I would like to share in order for you to get to know me.


My name is Steve Martin and I live in the United States.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy outdoor fun activities like hiking and biking. I also like both listening and creating art and music, meeting new people, and learning new and useful information.

My Market

Those who are seeking to pursue their passions and/or fulfill a higher purpose in their lives and want the financial freedom to pursue these things.

Favorite Finance and Self-Improvement Books

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

“Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life” by Orrin Woodward

“Flashpoints” by Stephen Arterburn

Favorite Success CD’s

“PAiLS” by Chris Brady

“3 Keys to a Breakthrough” by Chris Brady

“The Lens Effect” by Orrin Woodward

“The Ant and the Elephant” by Orrin Woodward

“Things Will Start to Occur” by Chris Brady

Helpful Speakers, Teachers, and Counselors

Tony Robbins

Chris Brady

Orrin Woodward

Dave Ramsey

Stephen Arterburn

Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Sheri Keffer

My Values

Faith, Family, Friends



My Story

“A Change of Perspective”

Recently, I had a change of perspective on the direction my life was heading in relationship to some basic issues like finances, career, and retirement and how they can affect my pursuit of my passions and higher purpose. Although I appreciate contributing something of value to the world around me in the way of work/career, I also recognize there are certain financial issues that have been repeatedly a challenge for me even though I work long hours and multiple jobs. Some of these financial issues I’m sure you are familiar with from your own experience. These issues that affect all of us “in the background” are:

Inflation that decreases the value of our hard-earned money.

At the same time, the cost of necessary goods that we buy regularly keeps going up.

I’ve also been made aware of the fact that generally people are living longer today as compared to the past.

I’ve run into the high cost of health care and wondered how my hard-earned money would make out in the event of potential future medical expenses.

The short solution to many of these challenges is eliminating liabilities (anything that costs you money regularly like debts, for example) and creating assets (anything that will repeatedly make you money or increase your money’s value).

One personal asset I am working on building now is my SFM business. I love the community because of the opportunity to give and receive support and encouragement. Their training is some of the best I’ve seen. Through it I’m learning how to move toward my dreams and build the life I want to live. When I work out my financial challenges first, I am able to focus more of my valuable resources (time and energy for example) on pursuing my passions and fulfilling my higher purpose.