Grieving Losses in a Healthy Way

Grieving Losses in a Healthy Way

What does a healthy grieving process look like in our modern world? Many of us have learned the stages of grieving a loss, various examples of what a loss is considered to be in an individual’s life, and the idea that everyone has different ways of grieving losses. But what does a healthy grieving process look like as we live our daily lives? I was surprised that I haven’t seen many articles written about this specific aspect of grieving. Although everyone is different, there are healthier and more helpful ways all of us can grieve well.

Our modern world has become extremely busy for most of us. In ancient times individuals and families would take days to grieve a loss in their lives like a friend’s illness or family death. Not so today in our modern Western culture. We may get a day or a week off of work if we are lucky to grieve! From my experience, Western culture seems to emphasize performance and achievement over mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. So how can we grieve in a healthy way in such a busy, performance-oriented culture?

The best illustration I can think of are the waves of the seashore. A healthy grieving process looks like the waves of the sea crashing on the shore. They come into the shore and then go recede back into the ocean. This is much like our feelings of sadness, anger, bargaining, and so on that feel in the grieving cycle. Many times the waves come in very strong at the beginning, and then vary, and finally they diminish in their intensity as we approach the acceptance stage of our loss. The most helpful approach is to not resist or ruminate too much. What we resist persists. And if we are ruminating, dwelling, or obsessing with our loss for too long, it can be destructive to other areas of our lives like work and personal relationships for example. Our response needs to be to just allow the thoughts and feelings to come in without resisting them and then release the feelings back to the universe and God just like guiding the ocean waves back into the ocean.

How can you help someone you know grieve in a healthy way? Here are a few helpful suggestions that I found to be true from my experience and the experience of other healthy individuals:
⦁ Never tell someone to “just get over it!” Burying feelings of sadness and anger will only lead to other future issues. And it may take years for someone to fully grieve their loss.
⦁ Help the person to release their feelings back to God and/or the universe if they are obsessing or dwelling too much on their loss. It’s normal to feel preoccupied especially by recent losses. But if work and social life starts to suffer, it may be time for the person to redirect their thoughts and activities in a healthier way.
⦁ Remember that what is considered a loss varies per individual and everyone has a unique way of healthy grieving that works for them.
I hope this article was helpful and that it gives you a general explanation as to what healthy and helpful grieving looks like in our modern world.


Tips on Balancing Customers’ Expectations with Business Profitability

When searching for information on the subject of finding tips on balancing customers’ expectations with business profitability, I found a moderate amount of information online. Subjects like this require some real-life experience in business to really understand how to practically work these issues out. Here’s a brief illustration following by a few practical suggestions I’ve learned through various experiences I’ve had in jobs and businesses.

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Pricing and Customer Base

The reason pricing and customer base are important in business is that without the correct pricing strategy, you won’t have a business or, at least, for long. This is why knowing who you are marketing to is important.

Different Successful Pricing Strategies and Examples

  •  A higher cost that goes with better quality- This strategy can work within the limits of what a particular customer is willing to pay.  A great example of this is the Banana Republic. When the original founders were first starting their business of selling items with a safari theme, they found when they increased the cost of a particular make of shirts sales actually took off.
  • Great quality products sold at a lower cost in order to reach a broader customer base- A great example of this is Martha Stewart and her items when they were sold in the K-Mart stores at a lower cost. Because she appealed to a very broad base of customers, she was able to run a profit by selling high-quality items in what many see as a store that sells discounted products.
  • Lowest cost, convenience, and the “hidden treasure fevor”- A great example of this is Dollar Tree. This is a store where everything is actually a dollar. You can actually find many nicely made items here and you can’t beat the price even online because of shipping costs. 
  • Higher prices and convenience- This is where the term “convenience store” comes from. Sheetz is a great example of this. This convenience store is found off of many major travel routes and has gas pumps, restroom facilities, food to eat, and other products that someone may need immediately if they are traveling.

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Suggestions on Making Your Yearly Physical and Blood Work the Most Beneficial

Recently, I got my annual physical and blood work done and after thinking about the past couple of years, I came up with a few potential helpful suggestions on making your yearly physical and blood work the most beneficial:

  • Make sure you are specific and clear about what blood panels you want looked at. I’ve had some nurses forget which panels I want to be done or not pass on communication to other nurses. Also, if you have a specific cancer history in your family, you may want a specific panel done that is not normally done. Sometimes I need to repeat this every year for nurses to remember.

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Key Principles and Basic Strategies for Difficult Relationships

When discussing key principles and basic strategies for difficult relationships, we need to first ask ourselves the question, “Why are relationships so difficult?” I’ve heard friends ask this question or state the same thought in the form of an opinion, “Relationships shouldn’t be so hard!” Most of the time when people make a statement like this it has to do with romantic relationships. What I’m referring to in this article are relationships in general.

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Specific Foods and Their Health Value and Cautions

Here are a few specific foods and their health values and cautions:

  • Fish- Fish are known to have Omega 3 Fatty acids and other helpful vitamins and minerals. Fish may lower your risk of strokes and heart attacks as well as contribute to brain health. Cautions involve the number of servings eaten in one week. Because of potential mercury content, I usually eat about 2 or, at the most, 3 servings of fish a week.
  • Dark, leafy greens- Included in this category are kale, spinach, and lettuce such as Romaine, for example. They are rich in vitamins A, C, and K.  Major cautions include the need to purchase or raise clean, healthy greens without infectious bacteria and awareness of pesticides used on inorganic greens.

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